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MUSIC and WORDS:  Fueled by my passion, I can be your connection to live music.  As a member of two fine bands, I can provide you with lively and fun music, perfect for any occasion.  Or, if your needs fall into a different category of live music, say jazz or classical, I can help make that connection, too.  Need a song written?  I can do that.

WORDS and MUSIC:  Drawing on my years of professional experience,  I can provide effective and lasting age appropriate tutoring for your child.  Guitar lessons for your child? I can do that, too.

Additionally, contact me for expert proofreading and editing services. 

Lastly, since I am a 38 year resident of Sonoma, please look to me to be your own private consierge. 

And always, count on general exuberance, with a pinch of whimsy.

The Cork Pullers


The Cork Pullers grew out of Friday night jam sessions, and has morphed into a bona fide vocal force.  We play as a fun, guitar based trio.  We can also bring in two other talented extra guys, and get your crowd dancing! The material is familar and comfortable; sure to please your crowd and liven up any occasion. 

Please click here for an up to the minute listing of Cork Puller gigs.

Long Story Short


Long Story Short is a new ensemble, offering similar, familiar material as The Cork Pullers, but with a more rockin', edgy approach.  Pedal Steel Guitar anchors the band, while the vocals drive the crowd. With our ability to play soft and sweet, and hard and full, Long Story Short is a perfect choice for your party!

Please click here for an up to the minute listing of upcoming Long Story Short gigs.

Sonoma Sing-Alongs


Use this site to find the lyrics to the songs that are about to fill the air.


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Do you have questions, want to book a show, or generally just want to make something perfect?  Give me a call or send an email!  We will make it happen.

Tim Curley

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